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MARTIN is making sure FANGST is moving ahead to become what we dream of. He grew up in a family of biologists, bird watchers and fish farmers. However, Martin took more interest in how to make good food out of nature’s resources and has worked in many areas of food development. He was particularly inspired by his years working with Claus Meyer and taking part in the new Nordic food wave.

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ALEX is the one to contact if you are interested in serving or selling FANGST products. With a father being purchasing manager at a Danish gourmet retailer, Alex was more or less brought up around chefs and fine foods. Therefore, it was no surprise he wanted to work with seafood, where he has since explored many products – from cans to caviar. If you are interested in caviar, check out

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MIKKEL has helped us with creating the recipes for the first cans of FANGST. He is an experienced chef and product developer with a broad knowledge of Nordic ingredients and processing methods. Also, he is author of several praised cook books – of which ‘Gone Fishing’ has been a source of inspiration for the FANGST project.

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