The Nordic Way


Smoke, salt and vinegar is traditionally used to preserve and flavour seafood in the North. You will find these elements in the FANGST cans.
However, we are aiming for a slightly milder take on these traditions, avoiding the delicate tastes of the fish and shellfish to be overruled.

Depending on your taste preference, and what you serve with the can, you therefore may want to add a little salt and acidity (e.g. lemon juice) to achieve the best balance of flavours.

If you prefer to serve our cans the Nordic way, rye or wheat bread are traditional companions. You can grill the bread - for crispiness and roasted flavours.
Also, flatbread or crispbread are good options. 

Mikkel has created a number of serving suggestions that may inspire you to do a little more. Raw, marinated and pureed vegetables, fresh herbs and lemon,
roasted breads and grains, fermented dairy products, and mayo made with oil from the can – are some of the elements that Mikkel likes to serve with a can from FANGST.